This place is a prison.

First Post.

I decided to start a blog. It may be one the truly healthy ways to get things off my chest.

Even if it is read by no one.

I am in a time in my life where almost everything around me is poison. A ex-girlfriend who I still have to live with. Who I still care about. Who I still love. Even though night after night I know shes out with him. Health condition that I have no idea what it is doing to me. Anxiety. Depression. Hypoglycemic. A mediocre job that pays me just enough to live pay check to pay check.

I am alive. I still feel pain and love. I have my music and a small glimmering hope that all will get better. It has to. How long will it take is the question. Will I be able to wait that long?

Life is just a series of bad moments and shinning incidents.

I know to change my life, to change how I feel relies all on me. As always this is up to me to make a change. To take that first step.


Regrets, I’ve had a few.

-Frank Sinatra