I have a few.

Recently, I regret not changing or listening to what I’m supposed to do to salvage a relationship. A small part of me regrets starting the relationship knowing how she was and how I am.

I regret starting smoking marijuana as early as I did. I don’t regret doing it but I do how early I started.

I regret not telling people exactly how I feel. Instead just holding it in to either save face or hope they like me better.

My biggest regret is breaking up with what I think is the true love of my life. She was perfect. Had her faults but we all do. She let me be me. I have not once since then been able to do that. Always have to hide something or change who I am. She was amazing. Drugs make you think a different way. They change your way of thinking. Thankfully I have been sober for years now. I want to contact her but I never have the guts.
Marisa, I’m sorry.

We all have regrets. Take them. Learn from them.


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